Who are we?

Angel’s Kitchen was started in 2001 and still the only complex meal therapy company in Hungary. 
Our mission is to help you achieve the desired physical and mental balance through personal science-based meal therapy and food delivery service. We always focus on the individual.

If you want to consume quality food made from quality ingredients in a personalized way or you want to change anything such as:

  • your weight,
  • eating problems,
  • your food attitude,
  • your health condition

you can do it through meals.
We take into account your life rhythm, your goals, your state of health and your individual taste so we can create and deliver the most suitable menu for you.

Our services

Personalised diet

We can help you with our service if:

  • you require personalization in your diet, because you have individual needs, wants, goals, or possibly illnesses,
  • you want to eat healthy and variously, but you don’t know how or you don’t have time, so you prefer to leave it to professionals to solve it.

The service applies to a full day for a full week.

What should I do?

Apply to us and enter your contact information. Then our gastro consultant will contact you. Your personal advisor will help you define your goals, needs, assess your health status and consider your tastes.
Your consultant will plan your menu based on these. Your personal menu will be prepared in our reform kitchen and delivered to your home.

It costs 109.000 Ft/week

Angel’s lunch delivery

We recommend our healthy lunch to you if you want to keep your weight comfortably and pay attention to your health.
Our menu is different every week and is made from healthy and selected ingredients. We offer easily digestible dishes in both normal and meat-free versions.
Visit our website www.angyalmenza.hu to order.



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